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Incentive Manager is an easy to use, free to access referral marketing platform designed to increase the level of referrals being generated by a business.

Whether or not you or your business has past experience of running referral programmes makes no difference, the system makes it easy to set up and run regular or time based campaigns quickly and easily. It will create transparency between you and the people in your referral network. The provision of clear rewards helps improve “network retention” by keeping you front of mind.

“Your network is your safety net and your fishing net. It will save your life and feed you for life if you build it well and treat it right.”

Dixie Gillaspie, Writer, Coach & Expert on Entrepreneurship

It is not intended to replace networking events but instead to enhance and improve relationships by creating an easy way of passing referrals.

Beyond that, signing up to the premium version will give you access to a national network of potential referral partners by connecting all businesses together in a “virtual referral marketplace”.

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